Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye :)

This is my last post for class. It has been alot of fun blogging about gossip. I hope that some of you found my posts interesting. I tried to bring variety into my posts by talking about everything from celebrity gossip to personal dilemmas to what is going on around campus. I enjoyed talking about all of these subjects, and also reading many of your blogs. Thanks for a good semester, and remember, a little gossip never hurt anybody. :)

Perez Hilton

Most of you are probably familiar with the site It is a site primarily dedicated to celebrity gossip. Perez started off as a no name, but it is his blogging that gained him fame. Although sometimes his remarks are brutal, they are highly entertaining. I especially enjoy when he writes on people's pictures. I check the site a couple times a week and love seeing what the celebrities are up to. I thought Perez was hilarious when he was featured on an episode of Paris Hilton's show where she was looking for a new "BFF." I know that my little blog spot site will never compare to his, but I do look to Perez's talents and website as inspiration for my blogging.

The Bad Girls Club

So you think MTV'S, "The Real World" is dramatic? Wait till you see Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club." They are now on their fourth season of the hit show. On this show you will find cat fights, girls drinking their livers to the grave, and plenty of hook ups. The cast consists of girls who consider themselves "bad", whether it be for an eating disorder, problems with men or sex, or dug/alcohol addictions. These women claim they want to reform, but all I see are them trying to claim their 15 minutes of fame. They live in a mansion, running around in their underwear, drunk. They go out to party. That's literally all they do. Even though it's ridiculous, it makes good television. Kind of like my previous post on "Jersey Shore." Watch it if you want to see some serious DRAMA!


Ok so I have to vent about literally the worst day I've had in a while. This past Monday I had an interview for an internship with Universal Music Group. I was so excited, because one, I really need an internship for school credit, and two, because Universal Music is the largest music publishing group around. The only drawback would be the drive to LA, but I was willing to make the sacrifice for an opportunity like this. But then the day turned bad. I left my house in plenty of time, but the rain did not seem in my favor. When I was halfway to LA, it was pouring so bad that I could barely see. I considered pulling off the freeway for my own safety, but decided to continue, for time's sake. I drove a little further and the worst happened, I was rear ended. To make matters worse, the jerk who hit me (and literally looked like he just got his license) kept on going even though I signaled at him to pull over. I prayed that there was little damage and ignored the instant back pain I felt and kept driving, not knowing what to do. Next thing I know traffic is literally stopped due to accidents from the rain. It was not 1 PM, the time of my interview and I was about 20 minutes from my destination. I called the contact from Universal Music who I had and explained my situation. She said she totally understood and to take my time. Finally I reached the street the buliding was SUPPOSED to be on, but could not find it anywhere. I parked on the street and went to ask a local business if they knew where I could find it, but no one knew what I was talking about. I went to reach for my phone to call the contact back, but it was nowhere to be found. I drove away desperate in search of the building. I drove back to where I had been earlier only to see my phone laying in the busy LA street, drenched from the rain. Of course, it would not turn on, meaning that I could not call Universal Music to explain my situation. By this time, it is an hour after my appointment and I am lost in LA, without a phone, looking at my damaged car, feeling serious dizziness and backpain, and on the edge of tears. At this point I did not know what to do so I turned home. I apologized to the contact from Universal Music, and even though she says she is willing to reschedule, I feel that I have lost my chance. :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jersey Shore

MTV launched a new show called "Jersey Shore" last week. As embarrassed as I am to have watched it, it was almost so bad that it was good. These New Jersey "guidos" love to go out, get crazy, and "fist pump all night long." This show is basically a tacky version of the Hills...well some probably think the Hills is tacky...but wait until you see "Jersey Shore." The tans are faker and the guys are even more tool like. This show is basically a joke but I recommend watching one episode to give yourself a good laugh. And yes, I laugh at the cast, not with them. :)


It's that time of the semester again that makes us all moan and groan in agony...FINALS! But are they really as bad as they seem? Yes, most likely. But together we can make them a little more bearable. For instance, how about getting a study group together and meeting at Starbucks. That way you can enjoy some coffee and good company while still getting work done. Just make sure you actually study! Or there is the all night study going on in the TSU. The week of finals they hand out give-aways every hour. Last year they even gave chipotle burritos! So to all of you, study hard and good luck on finals!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Last night was the 2009 American Music Awards and it has become apparent that Taylor Swift is taking over the world. She won countless awards including favorite country album, favorite female country artist, favorite adult contemporary artist, favorite female pop/rock artist, and of course the prestigeous ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! Go Taylor! The late Michael Jackson was also the winner of several categories including favorite pop/rock male artist, favorite pop/rock album, favorite soul/rhythm and blues males artist, and favorite soul/rhythm and blues album. Other winners included Jay-Z, Keith Urban, The Black Eyed Peas, Rascal Flatts, Beyonce, Aventura, Green Day, Mary Mary, Gloriana, and the Twilight soundtrack. I was excited to find out the winners because several of my favorite artists won!